from nature itself

Profield Laminate Flooring:

Clean and Green

Profield flooring corresponds to the E1 emission class, which stands for being safe for human consumption. The formaldehyde content in it is at the lowest level, and its formaldehyde emission is compliant with that for natural wood.


The Profield Flooring locks are processed with wax. This chemical is deemed safe for human use, not emitting any harmful substances into the environment.

Wide Product Range

Diversity Makes Perfect. This concept was applied when creating the product line of Profield Flooring. A variety of Profield Designs will meet the needs of any customer – even the most demanding one.

Use cases for Profield products:




Discover All Benefits of Profield

The quality of Profield Laminate Flooring meets the highest requirements of the international standards. How is this achieved? The formula for success is simple. We use only qualitative and environmentally friendly raw materials + modern German-made equipment + strict quality controls at all stages of production. All the incoming raw materials undergo careful laboratory monitoring in order to prevent any poor-quality components from being launched into production. Only then, the end product is manufactured of them using the modern German-made equipment – Homag.

Realistic Surface Textures

Multilevel Embossment in Register. Elegant and Intense Collections.

The synchronized surface embossment for the laminate flooring makes it almost indistinguishable from the floors.

Multilevel Embossment in Register. Ideal+ Collection.

A textured surface with pronounced wood fibers brings the feeling of touching the natural plank flooring.

Handscraped Relief Rippled Surface. Prestige Collection.

Applying the technology of the multilevel embossment, we have the chance to achieve “the effect of hand-scraping”.

Тиснение "Художественный паркет". Коллекция Parkett.

This technology reproduces beauty of the figured parquet. A synchronized textured surface combined with the U-groove gives the floor a startlingly realistic look.

RealWood Textured Embossment. Imperial Collection.

A distinctive textured surface that imitates wood fibers will accentuate a wood pattern. This surface makes the laminate look quite similar to the natural plank floors.

Medium Embossed Textured Embossment. Harmony Collection.

It looks completely like the natural solid wood flooring. This embossment has small grooves that resemble the structure of the natural wood fibers.

Our Technologies

Embossment in Register

When manufacturing the flooring with this embossment, a special matrix is used, which pushes under pressure an embossed pattern onto the laminboard surface, with this pattern exactly repeating the pattern of a decorative paper.

Multilevel Embossment

To make the flooring look more similar to the wood processed by the method of hand-scraping, a special press caul is used, which has the 3D relief imitating the effect of finishing the surface with a plane.

Moisture Resistance

The locking connections of Profield Flooring are processed with a special wax compound. This chemical is deemed safe, being, at the same time, a secure means of protection against moisture ingress into the locking connections.