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Warranty Terms

This warranty is granted to the original purchaser only and limited to the products of the Residence, Evolution and Diamond collections. This warranty is non-transferable and cannot be claimed by anyone other than the original purchaser! This warranty shall be void in the event of any modifications or changes to an upper layer, e. g., in case of grinding or painting.
Recommendations for the installation, maintenance and operation of Profield SPС Flooring, specified on the website:, are to be implemented as one of the warranty terms. Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in rejection of the claim.
Under this warranty, the manufacturer guarantees the preservation of the product’s appearance and consumer properties subject to the rules of laying and maintaining the flooring as well as operating in private residential premises under normal living conditions.

Warranty Obligations:
Warranty to the Abrasion Layer
This warranty provides coverage for the entire warranty period, implying that a surface wear-resistant layer on the SPC plate does not wear under normal use. (Wear of a surface layer is here defined as 100 % wear resulting in uncovering the core of the SPC material in the area of at least 3 % of the panel’s surface.)
• The case of wear for a product’s upper layer must be clearly visible at a distance of 2 meters, with its size being at least 3 sq. cm.
• The case of wear at the panels’ edges is not covered by this warranty and excluded from the warranty obligations.
• The loss of gloss shall not be deemed as wear.
Manufacturing Defects
The products that have manufacturing defects shall be refunded or replaced. In the event of laying the defective panels, no claims shall be accepted.
Waterproofing Layer
Profield SPC Flooring is 100 % water-resistant, ensuring that the flooring integrity should not be broken when in contact with water. Although the SPC boards are 100 % waterproof, water may accumulate in premises or on construction materials resulting in potential mold. The warranty does not apply to any damages resulting from the growth of mold and mildew or the prolonged exposure to moisture.
Recommended Substrate
The manufacturer recommends using the EVA or IXPE substrates. Important! It is forbidden to use any additional substrate if the SPC laminate is already equipped with a substrate.
Heat-Insulated Floor
Profield SPC Flooring cannot be laid onto the water heat-insulated floors. It is permitted only when laying onto the heat-insulated floor with electric heating elements. When laying the laminate onto the heat-insulated floors, it is forbidden to set the heating temperature above +28 °С. Exceeding the above heating temperature may result in damaging the SPC laminate.

Warranty Period
Warranty for residential premises – 10 years.
Warranty for commercial premises – 2 years.

This warranty does not apply to:
Тип, цвет, скрип, разный тон, полы с водяным обогревом, болльшая проходимость, не соответствующая требованиям производителя подложка.
• the claims resulting from the wrong choice of a type, model, collection or color of the flooring after its laying;
• the claims relating to any difference in colors, shades or textures between the provided samples and the obtained flooring, which is claimed after laying the flooring;
• the claims connected with any color variations between different plates;
• the claims relating to any difference in coloring between various batches;
• the claims regarding the squeaking resulting from friction in the locking connections due to a violation of the technology to lay the flooring (non-observance of the acceptable difference in a floor’s curvature level of 1 mm per a linear meter, a crumbling floor screed, a dirty subflooring, non-observance of technological gaps between the wall and the flooring, usage of any substrate not recommended by the manufacturer – no substrate is permitted other than EVA or IXPE) or a violation of the operating conditions for this material;
• the case of laying the laminate onto the subflooring with water heating. The SPC laminate cannot be laid onto the water heat-insulated floors. This flooring type is used only when laying onto the heat-insulated floors with electric heating elements.
• This warranty does not apply to the premises implying mass gatherings of people and movements of goods or the areas that have direct outdoor access.
• Деффекты возникшие в результате использования подложки не отвечающей требованиям производителя.
Требования к подложке:
— Разрешается использовать только подложку на основе EVA или IXPE.
— Толщина подложки должна составлять 1,5 — 2,0 мм.
— Плотность подложки должна быть не менее 135 кг/м3.

Defects and Damages
Prior to installation, the purchaser shall inspect the product for the presence of any visible defects or damages. The panels laid with visible defects cannot be refunded or replaced. Any complaints or claims regarding the boards installed are not accepted. Should the flooring be unsuitable for installation, please contact the seller prior to its laying!
Laid Flooring
This warranty shall be void and invalid in the event of failure to lay the flooring in accordance with our recommendations for installation and guidance for maintenance.
Workplace Conditions and Installation Surface Flaws
The purchaser is solely responsible for their decision on the compliance of the workplace conditions, including ambient conditions and installation surface (subflooring) state, with the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association: Installation Guidelines. A compulsory condition of the warranty is the compliance with the requirement concerning a level surface of the subflooring prior to installation. An actual surface level for the floor should be within the acceptable difference of 1 mm per a linear meter. The floor should be even, not bending under pressure. Otherwise, a wave effect on the flooring surface is inevitable. Under the effect of dynamic loads, there is a risk of faster wear for the locking connections, which may result in gaps appearing at the places of the flooring fastening. The manufacturer of Profield Laminate Flooring recommends a self-leveling floor screed made before laying the SPC flooring. This warranty does not apply to any defects resulting from or relating to ambient conditions, workplace state or subflooring flaws.
Installation and Installer Mistakes
Profield Products should be installed in accordance with the installation instruction with the subsequent use of the recommended materials and accessories. The manufacturer recommends laying Profield SPC Flooring only by experienced professionals in the field of floorings. Should the installation be carried out by non-professionals in this field, the purchaser shall assume all risks for any potential problems resulting from the incorrect laying. Therefore, this warranty shall not cover the claims relating to or resulting from the wrong installation or the installer’s mistakes.
Violation of the Recommended Premises Climatic Conditions
Profield Products preserve their properties best at a relative humidity in the range from 30 % to 80 % and within the temperature range from 5 °C to 35 °C. Thus, the purchaser is liable for laying the SPС flooring under other humidity and temperature conditions. Therefore, this warranty does not apply to:
• any claims relating to the flooring being exposed to excessive humidity.
• This warranty does not apply to any changes in the flooring coloring or any crack formation in the plates when exposed to elevated or lower temperatures.

The following cases are excluded from the warranty obligations:
• wear or damages of the surface, including loss of gloss, marks, abrasions, scratches (e. g., as a result of furniture movements), dents, cuts, shatters, cracks, graininess, swelling, cracking of bevels, splitting, chipping, lifting of panels’ edges, soaking, shrinkage, rippling or bends, which are detected during or after the flooring installation and result from abnormal operating conditions, product misuse, thumps, improper transportation, modifications, changes or repair;
• any accidents caused by scratches, thumps, fire or flooding;
• any damages caused by casters or a vacuum cleaner without a brush nozzle;
• any damages caused by scratches from furniture legs without protective pads;
• any defects caused by prolonged exposure to abrasive materials, including sand, dirt, metal chips, etc.
• any changes in coloring due to aging, exposure to sunlight or UV, as well as exposure to any chemicals that may result in damages to a decorative layer or appearance of stains – this all is not deemed as a defect;
• natural expansion or shrinkage leading to the boards splitting.

Submitting the Claims
To submit a claim under this warranty, contact a sales outlet for Profield Flooring within 30 days after the date of detecting the defect. The original receipt, as your proof of purchase, should be provided when requesting the corresponding warranty service. In the event of the claim conforming to the terms of this warranty, the Profield™ Flooring representatives shall provide you with appropriate materials for repairing or replacing the defective SPC laminate panels for free. No other forms of indemnification are provided. Our liability under this warranty shall be restricted regarding any hidden defects. Hidden defects are here defined as those not detected prior to the beginning of or during installation of the laminate flooring. Any labor costs relating to dismantling, installation and/or reinstallation are not covered by this warranty. If the product claimed is no longer manufactured or not available in the warehouses, the customer may choose any goods of equal value from the current Profield product range.

Scope of Warranty Obligations
When accepting a claim, either the damaged areas shall be repaired at the manufacturer’s expense or a new material shall be supplied to replace the worn surface. The costs, including dismantling of the old flooring or waste elimination, are not covered by this warranty.
If any of the panels’ types cannot be supplied by the manufacturer, it should equivalently be replaced with another one from the current product range.
The warranty services may be provided to the purchaser either in monetary terms or by replacing with a new product.
Taking into account that the materials already in use are replaced with absolutely new ones, the following interests shall be deducted from the novel product’s price for every year of those materials’ operation:

• the products with the warranty period of 10 years – 9 %;

• the products with the warranty period of 15 years – 6 %;

• the products with the warranty period of 25 years – 3 %.

Right of Inspection
The Profield Flooring representatives are entitled to inspect the installed laminate panels and take the corresponding samples (if required for the analysis) prior to dismantling or repairing the flooring. Dismantling or repairing the said flooring prior to the inspection carried out by the Profield™ Flooring representatives shall void any rights to make a claim under this warranty.

Profield SPC Laminate Flooring Maintenance Recommendations and Operating Conditions.
Profield Laminate Flooring is scratch-resistant and securely protected from moisture. Nevertheless, please take the following information on its maintenance into account. By following these simple rules, you will increase the service life of your flooring.
Operating Conditions
• At the entrance area of your residential premises, lay a dirt trapper doormat.
• Prevent your laminate flooring from constant water exposure; in the event of any puddle formation, wipe up the liquid spilled on the floor as soon as possible.
• Use rubber furniture casters for your office chairs or furniture on the caster wheels. Office chair casters should be regularly cleaned. Make sure that they slide easily on your flooring. In the event of their failure, replace them with new ones in a timely manner.
• To prevent the flooring surface from any scratches, use special felt pads for your chair, armchair and other furniture legs. They should be regularly cleaned. Periodically make sure that they are serviceable.
• When moving any heavy furniture, it should be raised and not dragged on the floor.
Prohibited Actions
When maintaining the laminate flooring, it is prohibited to:
• Use large amounts of water; make sure that there is no puddle formation on the floor.
• Use any abrasive cleaning products.
• Use gasoline, aggressive cleaning powders, acetone, solvents and chlorine-containing products.
• For dry cleaning, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush nozzle. This is the most effective tool for removing dust and sand particles, which may affect your flooring as an abrasive, prematurely wearing its surface.
• For heavily polluted areas, you may use a wet well-wrung cloth soaked in a neutral detergent solution.