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The Profield Diamond HSPC laminate flooring is elegant and durable. During its production, we apply state-of-the-art technologies in the field of floor coverings. This is why this flooring exhibits high operational and aesthetic characteristics. The SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) plate underlying this laminate flooring boasts higher strength, which is comparable to strength of porcelain stoneware. The plate is equipped with the Uniclic lock that ensures a firm and reliable connection, thus greatly simplifying the flooring’s installation. Each laminboard is equipped with an innovative IXPE substrate, which prevents the flooring from being pressed through and ensures its long service life.

Structure of the SPC laminate flooring.

1. UV protection
2. Polymer protective abrasion layer.
3. PVC decorative film. 
4. UniClic locking system
5. Stone plastic composite plate
6. New-generation IXPE substrate


Abrasion layer

0,5 мм

Laminboard size

1200 * 228 * 5,5 мм

Sq.m per pack

2,736 м2

Pcs per pack





Click Uniclic

Laminboard edges

Without groove



Usage class

34 Class


JC6009-28 Дуб Сполето
JC6009-28 Дуб Сполето
JC6009-28 Spoleto Oak
JC6518-2 Дуб Кьети
JC6518-2 Chieti Oak
JC6575-2 Дуб Перуджа
JC6575-2 Дуб Перуджа
JC6575-2 Perugia Oak
JCQM8366-4 Дуб Сиена
JCQM8366-4 Дуб Сиена
JCQM8366-4 Siena Oak
LQ5108-18 Дуб Светлый
LQ5108-18 Дуб Светлый
LQ5108-18 Light Oak
LQ5122-11 Тик натуральный
LQ5122-11 Тик натуральный
LQ5122-11 Natural teak
LQ6167EIR-7 Дуб Модерн
LQ6167EIR-7 Дуб Модерн
LQ6167EIR-7 Modern Oak
LQ6177-1 Орех Пекан
LQ6177-1 Орех Пекан
LQ6177-1 Walnut Pecan
LQ6178-1 Дуб Темный
LQ6178-1 Дуб Темный
LQ6178-1 Dark Oak
МС7005-3 Дуб Фоджа
MS7005-3 Oak Foggia


The HSPC laminate flooring is a calcium polymer type of a new generation of solid floor coverings. It combines strength of stone with water resistance of PVC materials and appeal of wood.

Key benefits of the HSPC laminate flooring:

1. High abrasion resistance.
The HSPC laminate flooring is distinguished from the standard SPC one primarily by its higher wear and scratch resistance. When determining the HSPC and SPC wear resistance by the Taber method (with direct exposure of an abrasive disk to their surfaces), HSPC withstands a load of twice the number of revolutions.

2. Scratch resistance.
The HSPC laminate flooring is twice as resistant to scratches as the standard SPC one.
3. Resistance to exposure of smoldering objects.
After exposing the SPC flooring surface to a cigarette stub, this stub leaves a mark, while the HSPC flooring surface exhibits no marks of the burning cigarette.
1. 100 % water-resistant.

The basic component of this laminate flooring is a stone plastic substrate. It consists of PVC resin powder (30 %) and calcium carbonate powder (70 %), the weight ratio is about 1:3. Due to this, the HSPC laminate flooring is 100 % moisture-resistant, which allows using it even in such areas of the apartment as bathroom or toilet.
5. Twice as dense as the standard laminate flooring based on HDF.
Due to the fact that this laminate flooring is manufactured using a stone composite, its strength is much higher than that of the traditional one. To compare: the HDF plate’s density amounts to about 1000 kg/m2, while the HSPC plate’s density being 2000 kg/m3. Due to this, the HSPC laminate flooring is more stable, not prone to chipping and easily withstands any thumps or other mechanical inpacts to its surface. It exhibits the density values comparable to porcelain stoneware (1900–2100 kg/m3).
6. Abrasion Resistance
The HSPC laminate flooring is held to different abrasion standards than the traditional one. An available wear-resisting layer for this flooring is 0.5 mm thick, which is enough to use it in compliance with the operating requirements for these types of coverings without having to worry about any scratches or damages.
7. Environmentally safe. It is free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and lead impurities.
The HSPC laminate flooring contains in its composition no harmful substances, including heavy metals, benzene and formaldehyde. Calcium-zinc is used as a stabilizer for its basic layer substrate. The emission standard is E0, which is optimal when using for heat-insulated flooring systems in residential and office premises. The E0 standard means that the content of harmful resins in the material is less than 0.03—0.04 mg per 100 g. The HSPC laminate flooring contains no formaldehyde at all. Therefore, it can be used even in children’s rooms and pre-school facilities.
8. Flawless season stability.
The HSPC laminate flooring exhibits flawless geometric stability, being capable of surviving a temperature range from +5 °C to +35 °C. The coefficient of thermal expansion amounts to ≤ 0.002 %. This means that this flooring can be used even in the houses with no central heating. Due to its resistance to any changes in the temperature and humidity conditions, the HSPC laminate flooring does not shrink, with no gaps formed at the joints and no locking connections destroyed. It preserves its stability during any season – in both winter and summer.
9. Fire safety.
The HSPC laminate flooring is assigned the В1 fire safety class, which stands for its poor flammability and its ability to self-extinguish in case of a fire hazard with the lowest possible emission of harmful substances. Due to the fact that stone is used as a basis for the HSPC laminate flooring, it is extremely difficult to ignite. Moreover, when exposed to elevated temperatures, it emits almost no odor or smoke, which makes it one of the safest floorings for residential and office use.
10. Sound insulation.
The sound insulation properties for the HSPC laminate flooring is twice as high as that for the traditional one.
11. The Profield HSPC laminate flooring is initially equipped with the IXPE substrate.
It is a new-generation innovative material made of IXPE foam. This is the substrate recommended by the manufacturer for installing the HSPC laminate flooring. A standard substrate is sagging over time, deforming the flooring surface. The IXPE substrate overcomes this issue. Moreover, in terms of underfloor heating, the SPC laminate flooring can be used only with this substrate. Each HSPC laminate panel is equipped with the IXPE substrate at the back. This saves you from having to search for a recommended substrate in shops and lay it onto the subflooring. All you need to do is take the panel and install it onto the floor.


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