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Warranty Terms

• Prior to installation, the laminate should be stored and kept indoors at room temperature for at least 72 hours.
• Do not lay the panels that have visible defects. Prior to laying, make sure that the laminate flooring has no defects.
• The entrance area should be equipped with dirt trapper doormats or other materials for keeping outdoor sand and dirt.
• Use special protective floor casters for rolling chairs.
• Legs of chairs, tables and other furniture should use felt pads, which should be periodically cleaned of any dirt accumulating in there.
• It is forbidden to wash the flooring with a poor-wrung cloth or pour water on it.
• It is forbidden to use any surfactants or floor-cleaning powders.
• To confirm the proper maintenance, you should submit your sales receipts for the maintenance and cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer and designed for this flooring type.
• Any claim should be submitted in writing, with the sales receipt (original) attached, within 30 days from the date the defect was first noticed.
• You should save one copy of the insert as well as the invoice for the laminate purchase.
• When laying the laminate onto the heat-insulated floors, you cannot set the heating temperature above +28 °С.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty applies only to the panels’ damages resulting from wear subject to using them in the premises with the usual load.
Wear is here defined as complete abrasion of a decorative layer in the area of at least 1 cm2.

Warranty Non-Coverage

• The warranty does not apply to the damages and wear at the panels’ edges.
• The warranty does not apply to the laminate flooring laid in humid (above 70 %) and wet premises.
• The warranty does not apply to the squeaking resulting from friction in the locking connections due to a violation of the technology to lay the flooring (non-observance of the acceptable difference in a floor’s curvature level of 1 mm per a linear meter, a crumbling floor screed, a dirty subflooring, non-observance of technological gaps between the wall and the flooring, usage of any substrate not recommended by the manufacturer) or a violation of the operating conditions for this material.
• This warranty does not apply to the premises implying mass gatherings of people and movements of goods or the areas that have direct outdoor access.
• The manufacturer does not accept any claims regarding the floor panels:
a) laid with infringements of the installation technology (you need carefully read the installation instruction and follow its directions; the instruction is placed onto the reverse side of the insert inside each pack);
b) in case of misuse;
c) in case of a violation of the rules of maintenance (the maintenance rules can be found on the website:;
d) if they exhibit any mechanical damages resulting from transportation or when exposed to water and high temperatures;
e) in case of any damages resulting from extreme loads or mechanical effects, when used inappropriately or maintained improperly (or in the absence of any maintenance) – these cases are also not covered by the warranty obligations.

Warranty Period

• The laminate abrasion class 31/AC3: 10 years in residential premises / 2 years in commercial premises;
• The laminate abrasion class 32/AC4: 15 years in residential premises / 3 years in commercial premises;
• The laminate abrasion class 33/AC5: 20 years in residential premises / 4 years in commercial premises;
• The laminate abrasion class 34/AC6: 25 years in residential premises / 5 years in commercial premises.

Scope of Warranty Obligations

When accepting a claim, either the damaged areas shall be repaired at the manufacturer’s expense or a new material shall be supplied to replace the worn surface. No other forms of indemnification are provided. Our liability under this warranty shall be restricted regarding any hidden defects. Hidden defects are here defined as those not detected prior to the beginning of or during installation of the laminate flooring. The costs including dismantling of the old flooring, installation and/or reinstallation of the flooring as well as waste elimination are not covered by this warranty.

If any of the panels’ types cannot be supplied by the manufacturer, it should equivalently be replaced with another one from the current product range.