from nature itself


Quality of the HDF Flooring

The quality of Profield Laminate Flooring meets the highest requirements of the international standards.How is this achieved? The formula for success is simple. We use only qualitative and environmentally friendly raw materials + modern German-made equipment + strict quality controls at all stages of production.

.All the incoming raw materials undergo careful laboratory monitoring in order to prevent any poor-quality components from being launched into production. Only then, the end product is manufactured of them using the German-made equipment – Homag.. Strict quality controls at all stages of production are ensured due to a clear and well-built management system.Our factory for the production of the laminate flooring has a range of certificates of quality, 14001 Certificate. ISO 9001, CЕ, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates.ISO 14001 Certificate. a high level of the company’s reliability as well as the compliance of all of its production processes with the international quality standard.
CЕ Certificate. This document certifies that the product has passed the conformity assessment procedure according to the EU Directives. This is a manufacturer’s declaration that the said product meets all the requirements of the European market and thus can be traded freely on the markets of EU member states.
ISO 14001 Certificate. This document certifies that the enterprise monitors the compliance of the entire production process with stringent environmental standards at all stages of production.
Profield Laminate Flooring is an environmentally friendly product.
To produce Profield Laminate Flooring, we use the HDF plate of high density, which corresponds to the E1 emission class. This class implies that the flooring is safe for humans. The formaldehyde content in it is at the lowest level, and its formaldehyde emission is compliant with that for natural wood – and even less. The raw materials used for the laminate production contain no substances harmful to humans, i. e., softening agents, heavy metals, pesticides or fire-retarding agents based on hexabromocyclododecane. Our flooring is more than 90 % natural, consisting of natural wood. All this guarantees low environmental impact of our product throughout its entire life cycle.

Quality of the SPC and HSPC Flooring

Our professional testing equipment for the SPC and HSPC flooring guarantees the high-quality production 

At each stage of production, we take all appropriate measures aimed at the stable production of the best flooring with the same standard of quality. 

We take great care with each link of the production chain – from the purchase of raw materials to the release of finished products from warehouses. Each stage of production is accompanied with strict quality controls regarding the SPC and HSPC flooring. For this purpose, the laboratory created at the factory is used, which is fitted with the advanced equipment to control chemical and physical properties of the finished products.

The products for Profield™ are manufactured at modern factories with a total area of more than 180,000 sq. m, which have more than 100 sets of advanced production lines. The annual production capacity is above 10,000,000 sq. m of the SPC flooring produced.

Our enterprise currently uses a range of technologies from various companies, including Perlman (Germany), Imeas (Italy), GTS thermal technology (USA) and HOMAG flooring spline technology (Germany), and has above 100 sets of the high-grade professional production and testing equipment. This has laid a solid foundation to achieve the high-quality production.