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Benefits of the HDF Laminate Flooring

Environmentally Safe

The Profield laminate corresponds to the Е1 emission class. This class allows the content of formaldehyde of 4–8 mg/100 g of a dry plate. Moreover, the Е1 emission class allows the formaldehyde emission into the environment of 0.01 to 0.124 mg/m³. This value is deemed safe for humans, being at the level of natural wood.


The locks of Profield Flooring are processed with a special wax compound. This material is a chemically neutral substance, which is safe for humans. In addition to its zero harm, the substance has another amazing property, i. e., water resistance. This is a property of paraffin, which allows for the secure protection of the plate from moisture.

Textured Surfaces

Due to the combination of a pronounced wood pattern and an embossed surface, the Profield laminate looks like a real wooden flooring. To make the flooring look more expressive and realistic, we use such technologies as the synchronized embossment in register and the multilevel embossment “Handscraped”.

Simple to Lay

Even a newbie can install the laminate – not a problem at all. This was made possible thanks to a thought-out system of special “click-locks”. Our locks provide the high-quality panels’ fastening, thus ensuring ease of installation and long-term operation of the flooring.

Simple to Maintain

Due to the tight fastening of the panels and their smooth water-repellent surface, Profield Flooring is quite easy to maintain. It is enough to wipe the flooring with a wet cloth, and it is perfectly clean – without any stains or specks. There is no need for expensive floor washing agents, you will easily give your flooring a luminous look without them.


The laminate’s durability primarily depends on the quality of a topcoat and the plate’s density. Our flooring is highly wear-resistant due to using a special protective layer that contains aluminum oxide, which is the second hardest mineral after diamond. We use the high-density fiberboard as a flooring support. This material provides the flooring with the necessary strength, ensures its locks’ firmness and guarantees its resistance to shock.

Resistant to Pressure

Profield Laminate Flooring is resistant to point loads. The HDF plate underlying the laminate flooring has high strength, which makes our laminate extremely firm and resistant to point pressure.

Resistant to Shock

Thanks to its multilayer structure, i. e., its high-strength outer coating, high-density plate and stabilizing lower layer, the laminate exhibits excellent strength characteristics.


The laminate is resistant to impact of an open flame, being an inflame-resistant material. Thus, for example, it may withstand a contact with a smoldering cigarette without any consequences.


Profield Laminate Flooring do not burn out or fade in the sun. Its surface is resistant to UV radiation, and thus the flooring colors stay vivid even after years of use.


Thanks to its firm and impenetrable upper layer, which repels not only water, but also dirt and other liquids, Profield Laminate has the surface hardly soiled and resistant to staining.


Our laminate ensures enhanced walking comfort. Thanks to its porous surface imitating a natural wood pattern, your movements on the floor will be confident and secure.