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Benefits of the SPC Laminate Flooring

100 % Moisture Resistance

A basic component of this laminate is the stone plastic support. It consists of PVC resin powder (30 %) and calcium carbonate powder (70 %). Due to this, the SPC laminate is 100 % moisture-resistant, which allows using this flooring even in such areas as a bathroom or a kitchen.

Twice as Dense as the HDF Laminate Flooring

Due to the fact that this flooring is manufactured using a stone composite, its strength is much higher than that of the traditional laminate. To compare: the HDF plate’s density amounts to about 1000 kg/m3, the SPC plate’s density being 2100 kg/m3. Due to this, the SPC laminate is more stable, not prone to chipping and easily tolerates any thumps or other mechanical effects on its surface. It exhibits the density values comparable to porcelain stoneware (1900–2100 kg/m3).

High Resistance to Abrasion

The SPC laminate is held to different abrasion standards than the common laminate due to its higher resistance to abrasion. The flooring’s compliance with the IC3 abrasion resistance class implies its strength, reliability and durability. It may withstand severe dynamic and static loads.

Free of Formaldehyde and Other Harmful Impurities

The SPC laminate contains no harmful substances, including heavy metals, benzene or formaldehydes. The stabilizer for the basic layer support is calcium-zinc. Emission standard – EO (the content of harmful resins in the material is less than 0.03—0.04 mg per 100 g). Moreover, the SPC laminate contains no formaldehyde at all. Therefore, it can be used even in children’s rooms.

Flawless Season Stability

The SPC laminate can survive a wide range of temperatures. The coefficient of thermal expansion amounts to ≤ 0.002 %. This means that this flooring can be used even in the houses with no central heating. Due to its resistance to any changes in the temperature and humidity conditions, the SPC laminate does not shrink, with no gaps formed at the places of fastening and no locking connections destroyed.

Fire Safety

This laminate has the KM2 class fire certificate, which implies its nonflammability and ability to self-extinguish in case of a fire hazard with the lowest possible emission of harmful substances. Due to the fact that the basis for the SPC laminate is stone, it is extremely difficult to ignite. Moreover, under the influence of high temperatures, it almost does not emit odor or smoke, which makes it one of the safest floorings.

Sound Insulation

The sound insulation value for the SPC flooring is twice as high as that for the traditional one. Thus, in terms of sound insulation, it can be put on an equal level with carpeting.

Equipped with the IXPE Substrate

It is a new generation of innovative materials made of IXPE foam. This is the substrate recommended by the manufacturer for installing the SPC flooring. A standard substrate is sagging over time, deforming the flooring surface. The IXPE substrate overcomes this issue. Moreover, in terms of underfloor heating, the SPC laminate can be used only with this substrate. Each SPC laminate panel is equipped with the IXPE substrate at the back. This saves you from having to search for a recommended substrate in shops. All you need to do is draw out the panel and lay it onto the floor.

Suitable for Use with the Heat-Insulated System

Thanks to the combination of a special heat-resistant substrate and a stone composite, this laminate is suitable for the heat-insulated floors with electric heating elements. The maximum heating temperature amounts to +28 °С. When heated, the SPC flooring does not emit any harmful substances. It is also not subject to destruction or deformation in changing temperature conditions.